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Freitag, 9. April 2010, 15:03

XTM Mammoth ST Racer Ripmax

XTM Mammoth ST Racer Ripmax
Ausstellungsstück top Auto

€ 449.--

Mammoth Size, Mammoth Performance! You will dominate Unlimited
Monster Truck Class with the Mammoth ST. This purpose built
truck, inspired by the awesome performance and size of our
original Mammoth, is a no-compromise, no-holds-barred, hi-
performance race truck. Look closely, you will see an incredibly
low CG, clean and easy-to-maintain chassis layout, a 2-speed
tranny, all-new diff housings, new multi-support upper arms, thick
low-profile shock towers, and increased suspension travel. The
included race wheels have 17mm hubs and fit the popular 40
series tires so you can tune your truck to any track surface. XTM
also features several tuning and hopup options so you can
customize the truck to suit your needs and driving style. From hard-
anodized 5mm shock towers to an optional reverse module, the ST
will prove itself in every condition, from the backyard basher to the
unlimited monster truck racer.
• 2 Speed Transmission for insane speed!
• Completely factory built with pre-painted body
• Powerful XTM 24.7 engine with tuned pipe system
• 2-speed transmission for awesome speed!
• Low centre of gravity for awesome handling!
• Double chassis bracing front and rear for strength
• New upper arm design for even more precise handling
• Fully threaded, oil filled aluminum shocks with 3.5mm shafts
• Fully ball raced throughout
• Durable steel differentials
• Gearboxes allow easy differential removal
• Heavy duty 3.5mm rear sway bar
• Large front bumper and skid plate
• Three vented brake disks for awesome stopping power
• Chrome plated universals and dogbones for added strength
• 3mm aluminium chassis with curved edges for added strength
• Heavy duty side dust guards
• Dish style racing wheels with 17mm hexagon drive
• Factory glued tyres with foam inserts
• Adjustable camber, caster and toe-in front & rear
• Water resistant receiver and battery boxes



Mittwoch, 15. September 2010, 12:28

RE: XTM Mammoth ST Racer Ripmax

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