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Samstag, 12. Januar 2008, 15:45

[v] Alignregler 60A mit 5-6V BEC

Da ich ihn nicht mehr brauche verkaufe ich meinen Alignregler vom T-rex 500.
Er ist ca. 1 woche alt und ist ca. 30 min. gelaufen.

Ï5-6V step-less adjustable BEC output allowing custom voltage setting to match servo specification.
ÏBEC output utilizing switching power system, suitable for 7.4-22.2V (2s-6s) Li battery, with continuous current
rating of 3A, and burst rating of 5A.
ÏThree programmable throttle speed settings to support quick throttle response.
ÏInclude soft start and governor mode.
ÏSmall and compact PCB design for lightweight and simple installation.
ÏLarge heat sink for optimum thermal performance.
ÏHighly compatible to work with 98% of all brushless motors currently on the market.
ÏUltra-smooth motor start designed to run with all kinds of brushless motors.
ÏThe power inlet utilizes a Japanese made "Low ESR" capacitor in order to provide stable power source.
ÏThe throttle has more than 200 step resolution that provides great throttle response and control.
ÏIf the aircraft should land or crash in an unexpected location and become lost, the pilot can enable the Aircraft Locator Option. The Aircraft Locator Option is engaged by tuming off the transmitter. When the ESC does not receive a signal from the transmitter for 30 seconds, it will start to send an alarm to the motor. The sound of the alarm will aid the pilot to locate the aircraft. This option will not work with a PCM receiver that has SAVE function enabled, or with low noise resistant PM receivers.

Neupreis ist ca. 80€