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Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011, 22:07

4 BMS-825DMG+HS High Performance Digital Servos nagelneu für 600er Helis

Verkaufe 4 nagelneue Servos für 600er Helis.
Superschnelle Digitalservos mit hoher Stellkraft für je 50€
Gehen an der Taumelscheibe genauso wie am Heck!

BMS-825DMG+HS High Performance Digital Servo (Metal Gear) 9.1kg / .10sec / 58g
With an integral heat-sink, these servos are designed for the demands of competition, keeping the motor cool even when the outside temperature is hot and the servo is being overused. With a heavy duty rubber-sealed waterproof case and high-strength horn set, this servo is perfect for high-performance R/C Helicopter & Car racing applications. And the output splines are compatible with aftermarket 25 tooth Futaba horns.
The servo will automatically learn the users transmitter pulse timings and lock into the signal every time. The servo also includes a signal buffer in the CPU with fail-safe functionality. The motor is wound with 2PEW thin coated wire for better electrical conductivity and is able to withstand high temperature without degradation.
The servo comes with an accessory package and the universal JR/Hitec "S" 1. Double M9.6 ball bearing (si-oil)
2. 3 pole high-torque motor with low RF noise (CE certified)
3. Rubber seals for waterproof case
4. Futaba compatible 25 tooth output splines
5. Heavy duty servo case
6. Integral heat sink
7. Digital motor drive with ultra-square PWM signal
8. Automatic determination of servo center pulse width
9. Metal gears of aluminum 6061 material combined with light and strong C95 material
10. Fail-Safe function
11. 2PEW coated motor wire for high-temperature use
12. Digital control IC - SOP package with 12bit data transfer
13. MOS-FET motor driver chips that can handle 7A peak loads

Weight: 58g / 2.04oz
Dimensions: 40.5 x 20 x 37 mm / 1.60 x 0.78 x 1.52 inch
Torque At 4.8V: 9.1kg/cm , 126 oz/in
Torque At 6.0V: 10.6kg/cm , 144 oz/in
Speed At 4.8V: 0.10 sec / 60° at no load
Speed At 6.0V: 0.08 sec / 60° at no load

Viele Grüße
Aurora 9 / T-Rex 500 ESP / CopterX 500 im Airwolf / T-Rex 450 SE V2 / CopterX SE V2 im Airwolf / Blade MSR / Funjet / Twin-Jet / Carson Eurofighter / JU-52