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Here's something useful into this forum. From the papers. A diagram I drew of the shifted winding that reduce the 7th harmonic to nearly negligible levels in an 18N10P wind. 18 slots was needed to accommodate the 4 slot shift. There's is also another shift for the 24N10P. These windings shifts can also incorporate the Gerling technique of using a different number of coil turns per side which will reduce the fundamental as well. Both the non working and fundamental can be virtually eliminated. It has been found that these concentrated wind techniques greatly improve the dynamic efficiency of the machines.


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FSCW outer rotor induction machine.


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2,000,000 e revolutions can handle com-mutating these designs at your desired speed. If you have a similar motor maybe we could try.You know I have the 40kW drive here for review that can do these speeds. :cat:

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Lassen Sie mich zunächst kurz daran erinnern, warum wir diese Reise überhaupt begonnen haben. Wir wollten herausfinden, welche tieferen Bedeutungen unsere tägliche Arbeit hat. Gibt es noch etwas anderes in Foren als Ihren Neid und die ständige Ablehnung von Fachleuten und Experten in den relevanten Fachgebieten? Entwickeln.

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