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Freitag, 15. Februar 2019, 03:55

Were done here. Your silly and technically naïve. That post proves it. Im a paid well professional that works with induction machines daily I really don't need you to tell me shit. Neu doesn't sell induction machines and they do not sell a 4635 8( so you don't know what you are talking about.

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Freitag, 15. Februar 2019, 03:56

Making a fool of yourself and preventing me from working harassed could only benefit someone jealous and unwilling to labor themselves for answers. The same work has been confirmed with PM machines. :shake:

please continue.....


Freitag, 15. Februar 2019, 04:05

Why would you come here and have the audacity to use Peters signature . From your mouth you are not Peter but a sad imposter. You've ruined RC groups don't do it here as well.

Its really simple if you haven't done any work with ferro fluid you should simply be quiet and let things take their course without your input. You really know you have nothing to add. You have no purpose here but serving the devil. Please move on. That is the truth and you know it.


Freitag, 15. Februar 2019, 04:06

Think before you spill your wrath here.

So your Fig.10 is about induction motors.
Now think about the differences to the DUT here in question in this thread.
Now think about me telling something about centripetal forces.

Every post or concern that comes up is trumped away by you. Makes no sense.
"How can we win when fools can be kings" Muse


Freitag, 15. Februar 2019, 04:10

Right and of course PHD's and the entire professional motor world never consider any of that like you. That explains why the answers are contained in the pages a fool never reads. And no I just ignore baseless conjecture like yours. Youre so right all my formal training and education would make me unaware of such lofty thinkin as you have? Gimme a break and go away before I end this permanently here. I would never listen to a poster like you full of conjecture that has obviously done no homework studied nothing or even thought to privy himself to what information is available before he opens his mouth.

And sure Im free. I can deny anything I want. That's my choice. I don't have to implement a single suggestion from you or anyone else if I choose not to. What you gonna do about that?


Freitag, 15. Februar 2019, 04:11

> Peters signature
This is my signature.
>From your mouth you are not Peter
right, last time i looked in the mirror i was not a Peter.
>You've ruined RC groups don't do it here as well.
Dont have any RCgroups account neither own it so howd i ruin it?
Here since 2003 so...

dont know where your problem is.
"How can we win when fools can be kings" Muse


Freitag, 15. Februar 2019, 04:16

I see you as ambitioned but dont act professional. Professional are in dialogue.

>The same work has been confirmed with PM machines. :shake:
fine, so the natural response to my entry could have been discussing the maesures to take in account to let the fluid stay there,
how the machine looked like there and wich machine would benefit most from that and so on.
"How can we win when fools can be kings" Muse


Freitag, 15. Februar 2019, 04:16

My problem is you! PIECE go away you have nothing to add here. Ill just ignore you and you can ramble on about nothing always refuted by the experts . Have at it since you have nothing better to do but anyway. The real test by the real person doing the work here continues. Professional are in professional dialog with professionals. You are not one and You don't know a damn thing about my ambition. You sound more and more like a fool the more you attempt to speak on someone you do not know.

Im here trying to test it on motors we run and your here giving you're best rendition of a gnat! preventing it. Who are you helping.....

You got the right way then you should do it or shut up!

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Freitag, 15. Februar 2019, 05:48

The 2205 is ideal because it is small and this is expensive to throw away in test on a large motor. It is a 14 pole which is what most of us run now that are moving ahead. I have a torque cradle and thrust measurement that will work for this small motor. I have an elaborate FLIR and temperature gauge and can compare the motors harmonic content before and after quite easily.

Common sense from the review of profession work and educated opinions from the last 50 years tells me it works before the test, but its really reassuring for those who need it.
The motor gets warm enough pulling the 6X4 that I will know in a short matter of time with a temperature gauge if it works to improve thermal conduction. When you add it something is certainly going to happen so we want to see what it is. We already have the capture of the harmonic content of the commutated 14 pole motor at idle speed. We have the baseline in which to compare. What help I need? Christian can tell you I don't need this "help".

And someone is wrong. I certainly can dismiss any assertion of non effectiveness ,on a project that's mine, made when its obvious the source hasn't been exposed to the subject matter therefore they are ignorant and then even more so for opening their mouth to judge what works or not based on what...... They haven't done any work or really read any of the results of the work done with it so what do they have to offer. As they assumed this was just some shit dragged over from an ebike forum. :shy:


Freitag, 15. Februar 2019, 09:33

Christian has already inadvertently created one half with the stator isolation from FF exclusively to the gap. Its sealed if it holds water! 2 He could then fill the void between the pms with a light non electric non magnetic. Now he has removed a lot of windage and friction.What he has will stay in the gap its magnetic 3. There are charts that show actually an increase in efficiency at higher speeds in some instances. Of course there is drag with a oil based fluid with high viscosity that stiffens in a field, but To me if efficiency is improved and I've increase my temperature ceiling that is significant nevertheless. The are also thinner blends. He would have the right to test or not test one that suited his needs. If it didn't work he could sell it to the next sucker. If that's what you believe.

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Samstag, 16. Februar 2019, 08:42

New Neu 4638's on the way now. More fun. And now that I think about it. Neu has an industrial branch so if some one actually wanted an induction motor from them I'm sure they could get one.


Samstag, 16. Februar 2019, 12:03

there are some motor designs where you can test this fluide. Do you want to place it to make the magnetic flux adjustable or moore like in the Siemens Patent to get a liquid stator iron core., just make a slotless motor with coil in the airgap and ad the ferrofluide to get iron.To place it in the airgap to become better than air , i think is only good for very slow rpm. What do you want to test first ?

Happy Amps Christian

So you want to put this in a coreless inrunner? Why not the Lehner to check the influence in the gap? There right at your hands You want me to waste it on a K&B? I don't own any slotless motors but them and a fiago 6XL. Ten drops is worth more than the motor. I've never been able to secure any parts from them. I've tried. Those motor lack so much. Improving them would just make them better than average. These finite things I think should be reserved for the last few ponies in a great motor. Plus the harmonics are dampened by the distributed windings so I want a motor that makes bad harmonics so we can see if we can settle them a bit. For an inrunner I'd rather have parallel slotted iron or amorphous metal to try.

Id rather see what it does with the leakage in a hammerless motor.

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Sonntag, 17. Februar 2019, 11:37

Beware Christian
Closing threads is all of a sudden illegal where Im from.

Please edit your post
Dear 1boho,

One of your posts has been found by a moderator to be in violation of RCGroups community rules:

Original Post:
Post content:
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In fact Eric,
Contact Christian Lucas by name through pm. He has the Co2 turbine (green arrow) and the device to heat the gas in his Co2 plane toybox if you want a resistojet.
The warned post is currently hidden from other users to give you a chance to edit it. Once you edit your post it will be visible to other users again.
Otherwise, your infraction will stay in your account until it ages for a certain number of days. If you accumulate a large number of points your account may be temporarily suspended.

For this violation, you have been given: 1 point(s).

After May 14, 2019, this infraction will be automatically forgiven.

An exhaustive list of rules for the site can be found on the RCGroups Rules page.

There is no further penalty for being warned other than the accumulation of points. You may accumulate 10 points before being subjected to a 5 day temporary ban from the site. Very few users reach the 10 point level by accident so if this is your first or second infraction, please accept the infraction point as merely a friendly reminder about the rules of the site.

An RCGroups administrator will perform a review of the infraction sometime within the next several days, at which time the infraction will either be reversed or confirmed. If you feel that you've received the infraction point in error please feel free to initiate a thread in Site Suggestions / Complaints. Address the administrators with your specific objection and they will attempt to assist you if a mistake has been made.

The reason you have been warned is because:

Reason: Trolling (Obnoxious behavior)
The post is designed to annoy other users, inflate the post count of the author, describe or recommend an illegal or recklessly dangerous activity, or give advice that, if followed, would cause obvious harm.

The moderator who warned you entered this comment:
Stop locking the thread

Now think..... what do you know about the history of OTHER people locking threads removing threads etc. Was it illegal then? how often was it done? And Why would people want to keep a thread open with such "bad" highly debatable information????

But "I" cannot close my own thread :)

So you see where is the free world and why I do it my way..... will it make me share more? NO. Ill simply remove all the information and leave the site. Or they remove me. Either way their will be no more sharing... I control that no matter what. Its funny to me. My life is still very happy without it.

Man im doing first offs. A thread hijacked by an entire forum and now closing threads is against the rules. Its ground breaking. Now what happens to the threads without the op speaking or respond. Next if I dont respond Ill be pointed. But Im not ;)
How was the post to contatct you trolling. See these people are nuts. I cant do this man.

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Sonntag, 17. Februar 2019, 11:49

The result from all MOTOR test will now be at my site where no nonsense will occur. I just want to test the motors and drives and view the result.Tell Aloys where. The 4638's and newest APD's will be there.

I don't have time to argue or worry if some person here or abroad I do not know that comes from no where and ask me a question out of the blue will make or hurt himself trying to make a freaking rcs cold gas thruster from that post. It's ridiculous. Lets just say hobby forums are not for me.

Thanks alot it was fun and good luck.

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Sonntag, 17. Februar 2019, 14:22

History repeating.

First dominate with huge effort and very explosive mood on a PUBLIC DISCUSSION place.. or all known Places.
Answer each argument with "show me your motor, first build then talk to me"
Then due to a unimportant "reason" the outcome is on a closed area.

So you are a perfect copy of someone you dont like much.

Difference is that you miss the "diplomatic" ptfe gene others have to make you look the contributing soft, fair victim of circumstances.
To ask for peace and cooperation while you just need data like 3d files, Material or just to look white collar.

Anyways, the outcome (from the Motor and the Discussion "style") was obvious long ago.

I've seen them rise and vanish. Don't give a shit anymore, motor guys despite few good ones are lets say not people one likes to get in contact with.
These good ones i contact by mail or RL not in a fanboy troll sandbox.

Every year i check if things changed by posting here, but You have seen the result in me trying to plain simple discuss few aspects, absolutely no exchange of information or arguments was possible.


Btw. RC DIY is dead in EU, since already only EU COMPANY (in terms of commercial entity so no private self certification) certified stuff is legal to fly! It is somehow tolerated until now but soon wont be any longer.
DIY UAVs is not legal in EU.
Certified means the whole System (So only options are ARF or BNF plane) so change the motor and its not.

And small forums in EU are dead because of obligatory upload filter.
Thomas will have to pay for a filter that checks every single post and every picture and file for copyright infringement or legal conformity before releasing the post.
So theres absolutely no future for DIY Motor Forums and Motors.
"How can we win when fools can be kings" Muse

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Sonntag, 17. Februar 2019, 15:39

Imagine that..... and not really because Im not running any DIY hobby motor forums number one. Number two of course there is no criteria of admittance to view academic material and my test exclusively based on race,nationality,and most definitely not the language they speak. Who does that.... :nuts: It is very simple and straightforward.It just won't have a place for the post like your first worthless half of this most recent one . All intelligent positive creative minded people can come there. The will be no uninvited ninjas in the shadows and their personally based soliloquies about me of course, and I certainly won't have the need to make any anymore because people with post like that won't be there. This way I can work and can examine it, then share it. You see senseless conjecture and arguments of your nature really is never needed to do that, so we won't have it. It's sweet and makes perfect sense. :rose: Unlike amateurs or pure hobbyist I don't need a hobby forum or it's help to do what I need to do or an extensive conversation about it. At least not with people who are unable to follow such simple requirements :dumm:

Good luck to you. Unfortunately we have nothing in common and you still clearly don't know me. Take care and best wishes in the things you work on. Christian will pretty much be the only hobbyist left speaking about motors on a forum that has a professional background and can do it all in house on their own equipment.I definitely can and don't need a forum to do so at all. Apparently No one ever really did or a bunch of online friends to do it but one person who says he is an amatuer from scorpion. It's proven. Hobby forums can't handle it. Watch what happens here as an example.... :O

There's always a future for my motors. You'll be there like the rest of the rest to see what it is if you manage access by some means.
I guarantee we win game seven!!

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Sonntag, 17. Februar 2019, 16:38

As usual it would take 3 pages for you flaming around before really read and trying understand the info i posted.
Recognizing that it is USEful info.

> I don't need a hobby forum to do what I need to do or an extensive conversation about it
oh bugger, you posted into a hobby forum, bullied user like me and later on in this thread by posting put the information as topic of a discussion.
So it was an offer or request for feedback and discussion. Like you hit others here and discussed with them.

Show and tell without others speaking or in other words profilneurose is a BLOG
while Discussion forum is Discussion.

Ok, today then a rant about a small user information about a POSSIBLE policy problem with a post somwhere else far away in another forum..

What should the few normal user here do then, hold your hand? explain it to you?

Such a shame that by stopping the neu motor here you will miss your own (and your counterparts) steady Request for showing a running motor with empiric proof before posting your opinion in a discussion about a topic.
So no motor running, concept not working!
"How can we win when fools can be kings" Muse


Dienstag, 26. Februar 2019, 00:36

A novel 24-slot 14 poles FSCW Topology with Low Space Harmonics for Electrical Machine. Shaohong Zhu, Tom Cox, and Chris Grada. Institute for aerospace technology, University of Nottingham, UK

Hi Chris,
I have found through deeper study a wind that will reduce harmonic with no overlapping phases. You simply wind two single layer machines and shift them by the appropriate number of slots and the wire the motors in series. The dual 3 phase configuration removes the fundamental and the shift attenuates the harmonics not working. These two are the predominant cause of rotor and pm losses. What I've found is that the 46 series Neu 24N22P topology is already basically optimized. I know this because I derived the scheme for the 11th shift and implemented it as a conventional dual layer and the Kw was still the same. If you pull up a 24N22P harmonic content you will see the 7th and 5th already low as well as the fundamental with only the 11th prominent so it initially is already a better magnetic design than what's widely used! The wind factor of the single layers is higher than any 12n10p DL motor. He has less ripple and also a lower synchronous number. The new winding layout uses the same concept as Gerlings of shifting the stator but without using overlapping windings with a coil pitch of 2.This way the fault tolerance is better and larger mutual inductance can be avoided. This wind topology will cancel the fundamental, reduce the non working harmonics, and boost the working. The pitch factor would be less than a 12N14P so to achieve the equivalent amperes per turn more coil turns should be used in the 24N machine under the same current. This will increase copper loss but the end winding length us reduced significantly. The field distribution has been changed now and and can produce a significant reluctance torque. The study has shown me that the distribution factor in this case was improved by 3.5% by using the dual 2 phase configuration therefore, it would not have a big influence on the torque output of the proposed machine. The study has shows me that the proposed winding in their study not only exhibits lower space harmonics and much lower iron losses but it also has an improved torque capability and efficiency.

What I have also found through this information is that the Neu 46 series 24N22P out runner is already fairly optimized in these regards so the only thing to do is implement the shift and the series connection of the two single layer machines. This is where I land and what we will test. There's no way ill miss the result whether its posted here or not. It's mine. Besides you can pull up a 24N22P machine and see for yourself that it is already sub-harmonically optimized and has less ripple as compared to any 12N14P or 12N10P machine. If for any reason there is concern about the validity of the findings of, the 3 highly accomplished engineers, they can be contacted for further inquiry. The paper title and authors have been included. During my break from dealing with ignorance I have already derived the correct scheme for shifting for the 11th.

Check your email.

Have a great day!
Hubert ;)
»Gast03021019« hat folgende Bilder angehängt:
  • torque performance comparison between 12N14P versus 24N14P.png
  • Torque vs angle in 12n14p vs 24n14P.png
  • Losses comparison between old and new winding.png
  • MMF of new 24N14P.png

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Dienstag, 26. Februar 2019, 12:06